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Welcome to Linux4Specialists software-library

After having greatly benefited from freely available software in the past it's time to give back.

While working on my current project, a WiFi enabled thermostat for my home's HVAC unit, using an Arduino Nano with lot's of sensors connected, i suddenly ran out of program memory.

During the revision of the source-code i realized that many of the libraries i was using contain a lot of additional code, for sensors that i do not use in this project. For example the DHT-library supports the DHT11 and the DHT22 sensor but i am only using the DHT11.

So i wrote my own libraries with the goal to reduce the code-size as much as possible, following one of the Unix philosopies «Do one thing and do it well». I call the resulting libraries MicroLib:

These libraries must be installed as «.ZIP Library» from the Sketch menu of the Arduino-IDE; see the picture below.